Second Sunday Kitchen Parties

In September of 2017, we joined the other towns around the Valley who are renewing the tradition of Acadian Kitchen Parties. These were once spontaneous private gatherings where music was played, songs were sung, and jokes and stories were told. 

In Grand Isle we're putting our own twist on the Valley's modern revival. Our gatherings tend to be a little more informal and a little less structured, and we're always trying something new. Check our Events page for when the next one is!

More on the Ferry

Videos of the Ferry Project

Want a peek at the ferry in action? Check out any of the links below for a closer look at the ferry, its christening, and more!

Watch The Acadian Queen arrive at the boat landing HERE.

Take a walk around the ferry on shore HERE.

Watch Angela have a hard time christening The Acadian Queen HERE.

In the News

There was great coverage of the project as we built The Acadian Queen in the run up to the Congrés Mondial Acadien in 2014. Here are a few of those stories.

Find the story of the build HERE.
Find the story of its launch and maiden voyage HERE.
Find coverage en francaise ICITTE.